di Alessandra Bandoni
P.I. 02204500462
Via Vecchia di Vorno, 5/1
Capannori (LU)

What could be a better memory to take with you than the possibility to recreate those tastes and those scents that remind you of the places that you have visited? With this goal, the idea was born to found a cultural association that hopes to promote the Lucca area and offers cooking lessons to be held inside or outside the Walls of Lucca.

Toscaneggiando was conceived over stoves, over chats with friends, from recipee exchanges from the old yellowed notebooks of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. It was derived from our passion and desire to pass on the old traditions and to reawaken the old tastes that have all but been lost in our busy lives.

We want to do all of this in a simple and playful way. like stopping to smell the bread and discovering that it actually smells of flour. To know a region means to savour it through and through: its monuments, museums, churches, the surrounding natural beauty, the scents, music, the flavors, and to discover that it is all connected in perfect harmony.