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A small, beautiful town just in the middle of Tuscany.

Is there a better spot from which start an interesting journing in Italian culture? Art, remarkable landscapes, music, weather, exquisite food and superb wines. Those are going to be the ingredients of the vacations of those who will choose to come to Lucca for their holidays.... and Lucca is going to offer them a unique stay!


Eating in Lucca

Eating in Lucca is an extraordinary experience. Flavors came from far-off: rosemary, sage, garlic and then pepolino (thyme), nepitella (a kind of mint) and basil partake to the creation of simple though harmonic dishes.

The most common dishes in Lucca


Crostini garfagnini (small toasted bread slices with a flavorful red sauce)

Fett'unta (toasted bread slice with garlic and extra virgin olive oil)

Bruschetta (fett'unta, but with the addition of chopped tomatoes)

Pasta fritta (fried dough)

Crostini con i fegatelli (crostini with liver spread)

Crostini di polenta (fried polenta topped with mshrooms)

Crostini salsiccia, stracchino e semi di finocchio (crostini with fresh sausage, soft cheese and fennel seeds)

Frittelle di pasta e salumi (fried dough balls with salami meats)

Cresciolette (small soft bread with meat slices)

Cozze ripiene (stuffed mussels)

Zuppa di cozze (mussel soup )

Crocchette di fegatelli (liver crochettes)

Marinated Zucchini

First Dishes

Pasta allo scoglio (pasta with shellfish)

Matuffi (a Lucchese dish of polenta, meat sauce and parmigiano)

Zuppa alla frantoiana (vegetable soup)

Farinata (a thick vegetable soup with corn flour)

Zuppa di farro e fagioli (barley and bean soup)

Tortelli al sugo (meat filled pasta 'pillows,' topped with a meat sauce)


Pasta tordellata (homemade pasta with a ricotta cheese, swiss chard and meat sauce)

Panzanella (a salad of tomatoes, onion, basil and bread cubes)

Pancotto o pappa col pomodoro (a tomato soup with bread)

Risotto ai funghi (rice with mushrooms )

Farrotto ai funghi (spelt with mushrooms)

Polenta con il cinghiale (polenta with a wild boar meat sauce)

Pappardelle alla lepre (large flat noodles with a wild rabbit sauce)

Tagliolini in brodo di fagioli (noodles in a bean broth)

Ravioli di ricotta e spinaci con burro e salvia (ricotta cheese and spinach stuffed pasta with a butter and sage sauce)

Tagliatelle ai funghi (pasta with a mushroom sauce)

Tacconi al ragù (flat squares of pasta with a meat sauce)

Risotto agli zucchini

Second Dishes

Baccalà coi porri (Cod fish with leeks)

Calamari alla toscana (squid cooked Tuscan style)

Chicken with lemon, aromatic herb and Tuscan olives

Rovelline agli odori (fried meat slices with herbs)

Fegatelli al finocchio (pork liver with fennel)

Coniglio o pollo alla cacciatora (rabbit or chicken cacciatore)

Coniglio o pollo fritto (fried rabbit or chicken)

Faraona al forno (baked pheasant)

Trippa (tripe)

Rosticciana con le olive (roast pork cooked with olives)

Rotolo di arrosto con salsiccia, spinaci e uova (roast pork stuffed with sausage, spinach and egg

Rotolini di carne (rolls of sliced meat)

Fritto di paranza e totani (fried fish and squid)

Cinghiale in umido (wild boar)

Meat balls with aromas

Side Dishes

Peperonata (cooked peppers)

Fagioli al fiasco (beans specially cooked in a wine flask)

Fagioli all'uccelletto (beans with a tomato and sage sauce)

Porri in umido (cooked leaks)

Zucchine, pomodori, foglie di cavolo ripieni (zucchini and tomato-stuffed cabbage leaves)

Frissoglia (baked vegetables)

Sformati di verdura (a soft vegetable dish similar to quiche)

Funghi fritti (fried mushrooms)

Funghi in umido (cooked mushrooms)

Insalata di fagioli e gamberi (shrimp and bean salad)

Gobbo in umido (a Tuscan dish using cardone)

Rapini con salsiccia (leaf vegetables with sausage)

Fennel with balsamic vinegar

Fryed zucchini flowers


Cantucci col Vin Santo (almond biscotti served with a local dessert wine for dipping)

Necci con la ricotta (soft rolls filled with ricotta cheese)

Castagnaccio (a cake made from chestnut flour)

Buccellato (a typical Lucchese dessert (bread with aniseed and raisins)

Zuppa lucchese (buccellato and cream)

Torta squisita (a ricotta cheese cake with candied fruit and chocolate)

Frittelle di castagne (fried chestnut flour balls)

Befanini (cookies)

Panna cotta con frutti di bosco o cioccolato (cooked cream with wild berries or chocolate)